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At Makwara Solutions, we empower businesses with the data, connectivity, and cybersecurity solutions they need to thrive in the digital age. Our market analytics, data governance, cybersecurity, and connectivity solutions are designed to help businesses leverage technology to gain a competitive edge, protect their assets, and drive innovation. Whether you're looking to optimize your data strategy, enter new markets, secure your networks, or enhance your connectivity, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

As a trusted Alation partner, we help commercial organizations establish a data culture that supports business objectives, while ensuring the highest levels of governance and security.


Our team of experts works closely with commercial enterprises to tailor solutions that enable data-driven decision making, foster collaboration across the organization, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.


With Alation as our cornerstone, we empower our clients to maximize the value of their data assets and stay ahead of the competition.


Market Analytics & SLED Consulting

As a technology consulting firm, we believe that technology has the power to transform communities and improve people's lives. That's why our market analytics services are designed to help you sell innovative solutions to state and local government agencies.

We use proprietary datasets to provide valuable insight into the government market, including total available market sizes, key decision-makers within each agency, the technologies they possess, and how much they have purchased. With this information, we work with our clients to develop a detailed profile of each agency and identify which solutions are most likely to succeed.

Our approach is rooted in transparency and integrity, and we are committed to helping our clients identify ethical and meaningful opportunities to sell their solutions to the government market. If you're a sales executive looking to break into the government market or expand your existing government business, we would love to partner with you and help you make a positive impact.

Protecting Our Digital Frontier:
In today's digital landscape, CIOs and CISOs must shield vital organizational data. The evolving world of cyber threats makes this an uphill task.

Introducing's NodeZero™:
Step into the future with NodeZero™. This SaaS solution offers autonomous penetration testing like no other. Its strength? Pinpoint accuracy, separating genuine threats from common false alarms.

Efficiency Meets Coverage:
Why wait weeks for results? With NodeZero™, expect comprehensive network evaluations in just hours. It seamlessly assesses everything: from on-site systems to cloud realms and even IoT.

User-Centric Design:
No complex setups here. NodeZero™ is designed for smooth integration. Forget about managing persistent agents or writing intricate scripts.

The Future of Cybersecurity:
Choosing NodeZero™ is a statement. It shows your agency's commitment to cutting-edge cybersecurity. It's not just an upgrade; it's a forward-thinking defense strategy.

Modern Office Building

Smart Buildings & Connectivity

Our smart building and connectivity solution provides property managers and business owners with reliable and scalable connectivity solutions for commercial buildings.

We can connect buildings to fiber networks, build network centers, and create complete smart buildings. For business owners, our solutions can improve the experience and productivity of workers through features like IoT sensors and data-driven insights.


Whether you're a property manager or business owner, we can help you invest in tenant improvement and create a smarter building.

In today's dynamic business landscape, optimizing operational workflows and ensuring seamless data management are paramount. Crow Canyon's Nitro Studio suite addresses these imperatives head-on. The Nitro Studio Forms provide a refined, user-centric experience, allowing for efficient data capture and streamlined information processing. These forms are not mere data-entry points; they are the foundation of intelligent data management, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timely access to critical information.

Moving beyond data capture, the Nitro Studio Workflows offer advanced automation capabilities. They ensure that processes are not just automated but are also optimized to reduce bottlenecks, enhance productivity, and ensure timely response to mission-critical tasks. With configurable triggers, conditions, and actions, these workflows adapt to the unique operational requirements of any organization, providing a tailored solution for complex business processes.

Lastly, the Nitro Studio Help Desk stands as a testament to Crow Canyon's commitment to excellence in IT service management. This comprehensive platform integrates both the forms and workflows, delivering a holistic solution for IT service requests, incident management, and problem resolution. The service desk not only enhances IT operations but also empowers end-users with timely support, reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

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