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Makwara Solutions is your trusted partner for a range of consulting services designed specifically for state and local government agencies. Our team of experts provides innovative solutions that address critical challenges facing government organizations, from network connectivity and cybersecurity to data governance and smart city consulting. With our tailored approach, industry-leading technology, and commitment to delivering value, Makwara Solutions empowers government agencies to achieve their mission-critical goals while improving operational efficiency and enhancing services to citizens.


As a trusted partner to government agencies, we offer data governance solutions that promote transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance while enabling data-driven decision-making.


Our solution leverages Alation's innovative data governance platform to provide a centralized and holistic view of your organization's data, making it easier to manage, analyze, and protect your critical information. 


With Makwara and Alation, government agencies can confidently manage and govern their data more efficiently and effectively.

Protecting Our Digital Frontier:
In today's digital landscape, CIOs and CISOs of government agencies must shield vital organization data. The evolving world of cyber threats makes this an uphill task.

Introducing Horizon.3ai's NodeZero™:
Step into the future with NodeZero™. This SaaS solution offers autonomous penetration testing like no other. Its strength? Pinpoint accuracy, separating genuine threats from common false alarms.

Efficiency Meets Coverage:
Why wait weeks for results? With NodeZero™, expect comprehensive network evaluations in just hours. It seamlessly assesses everything: from on-site systems to cloud realms and even IoT.

User-Centric Design:
No complex setups here. NodeZero™ is designed for smooth integration. Forget about managing persistent agents or writing intricate scripts.

The Future of Cybersecurity:
Choosing NodeZero™ is a statement. It shows your agency's commitment to cutting-edge cybersecurity. It's not just an upgrade; it's a forward-thinking defense strategy.


Transforming Government through Automation

SimpliGov empowers government agencies to improve their efficiency and citizen engagement by replacing cumbersome paper processes with intelligent, automated digital workflows. With a suite of tools designed for government, including digital forms, workflow automation, and eSignature capabilities, SimpliGov is committed to making government operations smoother and more accessible to the public.


Why SimpliGov is the Choice for Government

In today’s complex digital landscape, technology teams, and leaders are tasked with driving innovation while ensuring operational efficiency and security.

SimpliGov's no-code interface and intuitive platform are designed to integrate with legacy systems and simplify complex governmental processes, allowing organizations to focus on strategic initiatives rather than being mired in paperwork and manual procedures.


With SimpliGov, agencies can confidently usher their processes into the digital age, enhancing service delivery, reducing costs, and increasing transparency and compliance.

In today's fast-evolving government landscape, it's imperative for IT teams to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and foster transparency for their stakeholders. Crow Canyon's Nitro Studio Forms, Workflows, and Service Desk solutions are crafted with this in mind.


These tools transform standard SharePoint and Office 365 platforms into powerful workflow systems, enabling government agencies to better handle requests, manage tasks, and track activities. By centralizing and automating processes, Nitro Studio ensures government operations remain agile, responsive, and compliant. The result? Elevated service delivery, increased operational transparency, and more time for strategic initiatives to serve the public.

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Network Assessments and Strategy

At Makwara, we understand the importance of secure, reliable, and scalable network connectivity.


That's why our network architecture experts work closely with agency leadership to assess and design network infrastructures that align with their strategic goals and objectives.


From evaluating existing network infrastructure to developing comprehensive network design plans and advising organizations to extract additional value from their existing networks, Makwara leverages industry-leading technology and best practices to ensure agencies have the connectivity they need to support their operations.


Whether you need to connect remote sites, implement secure wireless networks, or provide scalable solutions for cloud-based applications, our solutions are tailored to meet your agency's unique requirements.

Smart Cities

At Makwara Solutions, we offer comprehensive smart city consulting services for local and state government agencies to modernize their cities and solve pressing urban challenges.


Our smart cities combine a range of IoT technologies, such as smart sensors, connected devices, and advanced analytics, to improve city infrastructure and services, including transportation, energy, waste management, and public safety.


As a leader in smart city consulting, Makwara Solutions provides customized strategies that align with the specific needs of our clients, empowering them to leverage technology and create more livable, sustainable, and resilient cities.

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