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Golden Bridge Strategies specializes in helping businesses navigate government procurement processes, understand California's spending habits, and develop effective strategies for government relations and business development. Their expertise in the public sector and understanding of legislative policies allows them to help their clients tap into a $10+ billion market and succeed in selling to state and local governments.


Alation is a data intelligence company that provides a data catalog and governance solutions to help organizations make better use of their data. Their platform enables users to discover, understand, and trust data assets across the organization, driving greater collaboration and informed decision-making. Alation's approach empowers organizations to become more data-driven and extract greater value from their data assets.

alation-icon.png is at the forefront of cybersecurity, specializing in autonomous penetration testing. Founded by a mix of US Special Operations, National Security, and cybersecurity veterans, the company's mission is to offer an attacker's perspective, enabling enterprises to prioritize and strengthen their defensive efforts. With their signature product, NodeZero™, they provide continuous, automated vulnerability assessments, ensuring organizations stay a step ahead of potential threats.


Growing up on a farm in Iowa, Sadie witnessed how technology advancements affected the success of a community. With a diverse education in piano performance, psychology, and data science, Sadie transitioned from a neuroscience lab to leading data science teams and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. During this transition, Sadie noticed a lack of progress toward diversity and inclusion in data careers. Now, Sadie focuses on educating individuals in technology to create an equal future.

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Crow Canyon stands at the forefront of digital transformation, empowering businesses to enhance their operational efficiency with the renowned Nitro Studio service desk. This innovative platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline IT service management, providing both robust functionality and unparalleled adaptability. With a commitment to driving success, Crow Canyon has set the benchmark for delivering solutions that work seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

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Pioneering the future of digital transformation, SimpliGov offers a robust automation platform designed to simplify intricate governmental processes and reduce manual paperwork. Their commitment to refining workflows guarantees efficiency, compliance, and top-tier service delivery across various sectors. As strategic partners, Makwara Solutions is proud to champion the integration of SimpliGov's advanced solutions, ensuring our clients always benefit from cutting-edge digital strategies.


Women in Data is a global community founded in 2015 with a mission to increase diversity in data careers and achieve gender equality. Despite the ongoing gender inequalities around the world, Women in Data remains dedicated to empowering women and girls in the field of data. They believe that diverse representation in data and technology is crucial for bringing forward innovative ideas, products, and services suitable for everyone within our communities.

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